Owner’s man­ual

Porsche 911 GT3 from £111,802


En­gine 3996cc flat 6cyl, RWD, 493bhp, 339lb ft Per­for­mance 0–62mph in 3.9secs, 198mph, 21.9mpg, 290g/km CO2 Weight 1413kg

So Ol­lie thinks he’s wrong want­ing the new Porsche 911 GT3 with the 6spd man­ual? He’s right. It is wrong, oh so wrong, the 6spd three-pedal 911 GT3 is an anachro­nism. An amaz­ing one, though, which el­e­vates Porsche’s purist GT3 to an­other level.

So what if it loses some ac­cel­er­a­tion over the PDK paddle-shifter? You. Just. Won’t. Care. One per­fectly blipped, wrist-flicked down­shift and you’ll be con­vinced. And then some.

He’s al­ready told you the en­gine’s epic (it is), the chas­sis in­cred­i­ble (again, yes), and the PDK is sen­sa­tional (he’s ab­so­lutely right). But then I know Ol­lie, and if he chose the man­ual, he’d be ab­so­lutely right, how­ever wrong it might be.

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