Bridg­ing the gap

Re­port 6 McLaren 570GT £154,000 OTR/ £199,485 as tested


It’s not a GT, this. Well, not com­pared to the DB11 that’s been my usual com­mut­ing com­pan­ion for the past few months. That does long-legged lux­ury very well in­deed. This is for shorter sprints.

So Char­lie Turner and I have swapped cars for a while be­fore we get to­gether to have a dis­cus­sion (i.e. ar­gu­ment) about whose car is bet­ter. I think the McLaren is more ‘me’ than the As­ton, but, as a daily driver, it’s not as slick. The As­ton’s re­laxed ath­leti­cism won me over, the McLaren is more work, more of the time. It con­stantly bom­bards you with in­for­ma­tion, y’know, like a proper sports car. Which is, de­spite the side-hinged tail­gate, what this is.

The glass roof means the cabin is light and airy, and I love the way it looks, but oth­er­wise I don’t think McLaren has gone far enough to dis­tance 570GT from 570S. I’d like more cos­set­ing seats, a cul­tured en­gine note, softer sus­pen­sion, more sound dead­en­ing and a gen­uinely use­ful lug­gage bay (a suit bag is about the only thing you can put on the back deck).

I know some of this is difcult, if not im­pos­si­ble, to achieve. But it does show that the tra­di­tional grand tourer still has rel­e­vance. That said, the McLaren has bet­ter vis­i­bil­ity and is eas­ier around town. Apart from speed bumps (you need nose lift a LOT). The trou­ble is, I keep see­ing the 570GT as a slightly in­fe­rior-driv­ing 570S rather than a stand­alone model - the sep­a­ra­tion isn’t wide enough. Given a straight choice be­tween this and the As­ton, which one would I have? Tune in next time.

A suit bag, but not milk car­ton, can fit on the back deck...

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