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At what point does a car and trailer be­come a nec­es­sary licence up­grade? Bent­leys are heavy. I wanted the Ben­tayga as my tow­ing weapon for the sim­ple rea­son that I sus­pected it would be mas­ter­ful at it. But the thought of hook­ing it up to a Conti GT? Some­one pass me the HGV reg­u­la­tions, ’cos that’s a whole lot of ton­nage.

But, ah, Bent­ley has a GT3 rac­ing pro­gramme, and nowhere in Wook’s statute of rig lim­i­ta­tions does it say no rac­ing cars. This is ex­cel­lent. I bet Char­lie and Wook were think­ing they were go­ing to rule the track with the AMG GT R and 911 GT3 RS. Not. A. Hope.

And the trac­tor unit up front? That might be no way to speak about a £160k Ben­tayga V8, but I don’t par­tic­u­larly like the looks or what it stands for. How­ever, I do like what it does, namely tow­ing bril­liantly. Smooth, silent, ef­fort­less, no Range Rover Sport­style clonks rat­tling back from trailer through tow­bar, just easy oomph. And when I reach the pit­lane, jaws will drop. If we have the Ben­tayga to thank for en­abling Bent­ley’s full-house GT3 rac­ing pro­gramme, then chalk me up as a con­vert. OM

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