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Re­port 5 BMW M5 £89,645 OTR/£101,900 as tested

There are some pic­tures on this page, but they were all taken at least a month ago. Sorry about that. Un­for­tu­nately that’s the last time I saw the M5. Remember the fuel is­sues? A re­cap: the car stalled a few times in traf­fic, I blamed wa­ter in the fuel, Shell in­ves­ti­gated but found noth­ing amiss, the car went back to BMW, the di­ag­nos­tics were clear, so back it came and on I went.

And then it hap­pened again. And again. And again. So much so that I man­aged to iden­tify a pat­tern. Com­ing into ur­ban driv­ing af­ter long mo­tor­way jour­neys trig­gered it. Fine at higher speeds, but once down to a town trun­dle, the en­gine light would come on and I had about 10 sec­onds to find some­where to get out of the way be­fore it stalled. It would restart, do another half mile and then the same would hap­pen again. And so on. Ir­ri­tat­ing and stress­ful. Off back to BMW went the car, while I started hunt­ing on fo­rums. Ah. Here we go – US sites re­port­ing F90 M5s with fuel pump is­sues. Pres­sure drops af­ter long con­sis­tent run­ning. Sounds fa­mil­iar. The new fuel pump was on back or­der, but while BMW was pok­ing about they heard the faint noise I’d been ig­nor­ing. Which turned out to be com­ing from the front diff. Which has now been re­placed. Should never have both­ered fit­ting them in the first place. Kid­ding.

How do I feel about this? Sur­prised, mainly. You don’t ex­pect new model bug­bears from BMW...

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