Boom box

Re­port 4 Ford Mus­tang



“What are you try­ing to do?!” my neigh­bour shouts from her sec­ond-floor win­dow. “Sorry, I can’t hear you!” I re­ply, as the Mus­tang’s Voodoo en­gine clears its throat from cold.

Shout­ing “ARE. YOU. TRY­ING. TO. WAKE. THE. DEAD?!” like she’s try­ing to enun­ci­ate to a deaf alien, she hits boil­ing point. It’s 6am, and safe to say neigh­bour­hood re­la­tions aren’t at their best. The Hen­nessey Mus­tang is in­cred­i­bly loud. I think it’s one of the loud­est cars we’ve ever had on the fleet. So loud that the mar­shals at Good­wood just laughed it away dur­ing a 102dB track day as it was way, way over the limit.

But that doesn’t stop me hit­ting the ex­haust but­ton when I get in to un­cork the al­ready in­cred­i­ble ex­haust. Maybe not at 6am, from now on.

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