Half-term re­port

Re­port 4 Skoda Karoq


£28,415/£29,270 as tested

We’ve come to the half-way point in the Karoq’s time with us at TG, and I thought it would be a good time for a school-style half-term re­port.

Af­ter a tricky be­gin­ning, when we had a limescale mess all over the front of the car and the less-than-ideal driv­ing po­si­tion caus­ing a painful com­mute, things have set­tled down.

Af­ter care­ful buff­ing, the Skoda is now squeaky clean, and I’m even get­ting used to the driv­ing po­si­tion. Al­most. On short jour­neys, I can an­gle my foot so it doesn’t hurt as much, but on long mo­tor­way trips, cruise con­trol is a must. It’s far from ideal on a mod­ern car, and I’m not overly tall at 6ft 2in, so I find it supris­ing.

What it does well, how­ever, is be a de­cent fam­ily car. Ta­bles in the back and door bins are in­valu­able, as is the abil­ity to fold/re­move the rear seats in­de­pen­dently. The boot isn’t huge, but the open­ing size and the shape are very us­able. A re­versible rub­ber/car­peted boot liner is a boon, as will be the torch, um­brella and fuel-cap ice scraper (pic­tured) in the win­ter months.

Get­ting away smoothly is still an is­sue, though, as the 7spd DSG is never con­sis­tent. I thought, like most auto ’boxes, I’d get used to it and be able to reg­u­late the throt­tle in­put ac­cord­ingly, but you just never know what you’re go­ing to get. It’s pos­si­ble that with more miles, it could loosen up more, but I’ve done over 5,000 now and it’s show­ing no sign.

Over­all, a C+, then. A good start, but there’s room for im­prove­ment.

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