Wheels in wheels

Re­port 6 Jaguar F-Pace


£44,615 OTR/£61,590

Here’s an ad­van­tage of high-roofed crossovers. They’ve got a high roof, duh. This means you can carry tall ob­jects up­right – in this case a bi­cy­cle, wheels-off but oth­er­wise undis­man­tled. In an es­tate you’d have to lay it flat and it’d take up more fore-aft space so you’d have to fold a sec­tion of the seat. Use­ful, as I could carry three cy­clists, plus another bod, in the car. One of their bikes and their pan­niers stood in the boot and two more bikes on a sim­ple tow­bar-mounted car­rier. This is per­haps the only day in my time with the F-Pace I haven’t been feel­ing I’d rather be in an XF es­tate.

I don’t like the ride and han­dling of crossovers. But when­ever I drive a ri­val (eg Stelvio, GLC Coupe, most re­cently the new X4) I re­alise the F-Pace has the least worst chas­sis.

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