The no­ble Art

Re­port 6 VW Ar­teon £40,305 OTR/£47,810


The end of the re­la­tion­ship is in sight, and the fact that I’m even think­ing it about in those terms speaks vol­umes. VW makes cars you ad­mire and re­spect, but rarely de­velop a per­sonal bond with. The Ar­teon is a bit like one of those Ger­man as­sas­sins you see in a Bourne, Bond or Mis­sion: Im­pos­si­ble film; not a lead role, but a scen­estealer in their own right.

TG’s one is also well used to sit­ting in an air­port car park, the trans­port home af­ter 36 hours spent as­sess­ing some­thing usu­ally more ex­otic. It ful­fils this role in ex­em­plary fash­ion: the Rolls-Royce Cul­li­nan casts an almighty shadow, but the Ar­teon didn’t wilt when I climbed back in af­ter 20 hours of travel back from a full-blown lux­ury im­mer­sion in Wy­oming.

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