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While hav­ing a tidy-up last week, I came across is­sue 150 from Jan­uary 2009 – your Ter­mi­na­tor Sal­va­tion cover, which amaz­ingly still flashes its eyes. I’m sav­ing it with my AA01/AK47 £5 notes and Peter Rab­bit 50p; this time next year, Rod­ney… DEV ORTON, LEEDS

Ah, the flash­ing cover – seem to re­mem­ber it gave a few of the TF staff red eyes as well… Per­haps your one is an ad­vanced model from the fu­ture, watch­ing your ev­ery move… Ex­pect there’s no need for alarm, so long as you don’t try to fore­stall Judge­ment Day. Or knock up your best mate’s mum.

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