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Iam a Type 1 di­a­betic, mean­ing that if I have a ‘low’ (when blood su­gar drops be­low a cer­tain point), my brain goes to mush. I strug­gle to com­pre­hend what I am see­ing and ques­tion whether it is true or not. I get weak and gen­er­ally con­fused. The point is that I was watch­ing Swiss Army Man when I had such a low. Now, I don’t know what ‘re­ally’ hap­pened, but in my head a corpse was talk­ing. And fart­ing. A lot. I re­mem­ber a few things about the end but it is all kinda fuzzy and a bit weird. Or is that just the film? MARTIN JACK­SON, MILTON KEYNES

No, Swiss Army Man isn’t just a lit­tle bit weird. It’s a lot weird. It’s weirder than if Peter Weir sud­denly added a ‘d’ to his sur­name. It’s weirder than that one time David Lynch made a movie that wasn’t ac­tu­ally that weird. It’s weird, OK?

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