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The inside line on su­perteams the Avengers and Jus­tice League. Plus some doo­fus called Dead­pool.

Kevin Feige: “It feels amaz­ing to showcase what will be this cli­max of, by that point, 19 films in the Cin­e­matic Uni­verse,” the Mar­vel Stu­dios mas­ter­mind tells TF, just af­ter un­veil­ing a first look at the In­fin­ity War trailer at Dis­ney’s D23 Expo, where he brought a few fa­mil­iar faces on stage to in­tro­duce the footage.

“And to see the re­ac­tion to­day when the Avengers came out, when the Guardians of the Galaxy came out, when Doc­tor Strange walked down the stage, when Spi­der-Man walked on stage, when Iron Man… The Black Pan­ther com­ing out… It was over­whelm­ing.”

It’s the cul­mi­na­tion of a decade-long jour­ney for Feige and the Mar­vel Cin­e­matic Uni­verse, as Iron Man turns 10 next year. “We wanted [fans at D23] to be the first to see the be­gin­nings of the footage of a movie we’re still work­ing on,” con­tin­ues Feige. “But we wanted to still show some­thing.” And show some­thing they did. To­tal Film

wit­nessed the first look at the trailer (which had an encore in Comic-Con), and even three phases into the MCU, af­ter two pre­vi­ous Avengers team-ups (three if you in­clude Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War), In­fin­ity War still man­ages to feel mo­men­tous. This is, af­ter all, a pretty big get-to­gether, for a pretty big rea­son. Josh Brolin’s big bad, Thanos, who’s been threat­en­ing the MCU’s stars from the side­lines for years, is fi­nally go­ing to be cen­tre stage, so it’s go­ing to take a lot of heroes to stand a chance of stop­ping him and his Black Or­der hench­folk.

The trailer footage be­gins with Thor thud­ding onto the wind­screen of the Guardians’ ship The Mi­lano, and it just gets wilder from there. Tom Hol­land’s Pe­ter Parker demon­strates his spi­der-sense and later sports that hi-tech suit he was of­fered at the end of Homecoming. Cap­tain Amer­ica looks like he’s gone fully rogue, sport­ing longer hair and a beard. Scar­let Witch and Vi­sion are get­ting cosy. Iron Man, of course, gets a suit up­grade, and Black Pan­ther, Doc­tor Strange and Black Widow (with a strik­ing plat­inum-white ’do) are all present and cor­rect, fight­ing in dif­fer­ent com­bi­na­tions in an ef­fort to stop Thanos, who launches a planet (yes, a planet) at the Avengers dur­ing a show­down.

It’s very dra­matic stuff, not least the mo­ment when an in­jured Spidey wheezes, “I’m sorry,” to some­one off-screen (Tony?) and Loki is up to no good with the Tesser­act. “I think [the cast] were as over­whelmed as the fans were,” Feige gushes of the trailer re­veal. “It’s been a heck of a 10 years.” MM

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