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Is the star of Eat Lo­cals a dare­devil on set?

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Dare­devil star Char­lie Cox’s on-set an­tics.

What’s the first thing you do on set?

I get some break­fast and chat to peo­ple, work out the nerves. It al­ways feels like the first day at school.

Any on-set su­per­sti­tions?

I’m not su­per­sti­tious; I’ll walk un­der lad­ders. [pon­ders] There are cer­tain things that I want to have in my pocket that are char­ac­ter-spe­cific. You never see them, they’re never ref­er­enced, but if I’ve de­cided the char­ac­ter drives a Nis­san, I’ll get an old Nis­san key. In Eat Lo­cals, I had a nice, de­tailed hand­ker­chief. Dare­devil has a wal­let and his house keys, but there’s an­other item he al­ways has that I won’t tell any­one about.

Hot or cold lunch?

Hot. On a lot of film sets, peo­ple com­plain about the cater­ing. I re­ally like on-set food. But then I also like aero­plane food. I don’t know if it’s be­cause I went to board­ing school, or if I have very low ex­pec­ta­tions. [laughs] I love sponge pud­ding, cus­tard, bangers and mash… Other than when you were seven years old, where do you get toad-in-the-hole? [laughs]

Do you ever sleep on set?

I can’t nap. Even night shoots, when I’m ex­hausted. I just did a film [Night In Hat­ton Gar­den] with a bunch of ac­tors who are all sig­nif­i­cantly older than I am, and lunchtimes were re­ally bor­ing be­cause ev­ery­one was asleep. [laughs]

Best on-set ex­pe­ri­ence?

It was a joy work­ing with Ja­son [Fle­myng, di­rec­tor of Eat Lo­cals] be­cause he’s an old friend of mine. We worked on Star­dust to­gether. Star­dust was re­ally spe­cial. It was wild to meet Robert De Niro; I still dine out on that. All of us were won­der­ing if he’d read the bit of the script where he ap­pears in drag. We were like [whis­pers], “Does he know...” It was im­pos­si­ble to imag­ine it. But the day came and he just treated it as an­other day at work. Dare­devil has been amaz­ing. It’s a lovely cast and crew. The first scene where we all come to­gether in The De­fend­ers was spe­cial be­cause we were film­ing some­thing that the fans were go­ing to go crazy for.

Do you use your phone on set?

I do. Not some days, but there are a lot of days when it’s just walk­ing down the corridor or wak­ing up in your apart­ment, so…

Most em­bar­rass­ing mo­ment?

I did a film called Hello Carter and there was one scene where me, Jodie Whit­taker and Paul Sch­nei­der are in a car driv­ing through Pic­cadilly Circus and Paul had to get very cross. There was so much traf­fic – we were sat in it for 25 min­utes be­fore we got to Pic­cadilly Circus. I un­der­es­ti­mated how cross Paul was go­ing to get. For some rea­son, when peo­ple get very cross, I find it re­ally funny. So the first take I ru­ined. I couldn’t stop laugh­ing. We had to go around, wait in traf­fic… and then I did it again. It was not funny to any­one else, I just could not get my shit to­gether. JG


‘i love aero­plane food. i don’t know if that’s be­cause i have very low ex­pec­ta­tions’

dinner time cox as vamp henry in Ja­son fle­my­ing’s Eat Lo­cals.

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