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Spidey’s su­per-suit.

With Mar­vel’s MVP swing­ing his way into the MCU via a thrilling cameo in Cap­tain Amer­ica: Civil War, be­fore step­ping front and cen­tre for Spi­der-Man: Homecoming, it’s only log­i­cal that his men­tor, Tony Stark, should de­sign him a hi-tech suit. Why watch 15-year-old Pe­ter Parker strug­gle with nee­dle and thread when you can knock him up an out­fit boast­ing Spi­der Vi­sion, GPS, a chest-mounted Spi­der-drone, web-glid­ers and a J.A.R.V.I.S.-like op­er­at­ing sys­tem named Karen?

But here’s the thing: if we wanted to watch a robo-suit do all the heavy lift­ing to the point that Pe­ter’s own spe­cial pow­ers are ob­scured, why not just make Iron Man 4? It’s lit­tle won­der Mar­vel doesn’t bother with show­ing us Parker’s ori­gin story this time around – a ra­dioac­tive spi­der bite is kind of su­per­flu­ous when any Tom, Dick or Harry could do a bang-up job once the auto-fit func­tion has en­gaged.

Only it’s not that black and white. “This is ridicu­lous! I’m no cot­ton pickin’ seam­stress! But I’ve got to do it my­self!” cried Pe­ter in Amaz­ing Spi­der-Man #4 (Septem­ber 1963). What’s more, comic-book Spidey has worn dozens of dif­fer­ent out­fits over the last 55 years, with some of them de­signed by, you guessed it, Tony Stark. Among these is the Iron Spi­der suit, made of Stark Tech in Iron Man’s colours, which Pe­ter greeted with a cry of, “I just wanna say for the record, they haven’t in­vented a word for how cool this ar­mour is.” Hell, the Spi­derAr­mour MKIV was cam­ou­flaged, bul­let-proof and fire-proof, with ad­vanced web shooters. Pe­ter de­signed it him­self but his men­tor’s in­flu­ence is clear: “Tony would wet him­self if he knew what I was pack­ing in this suit.”

So while there’s some­thing pure and thrilling to Pe­ter pulling on a one­sie and re­ly­ing on his in­nate abil­i­ties, don’t be­grudge him get­ting suited and booted. It’s part of his legacy.

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