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You play acer­bic best friend April. Do you find it un­usual that a film has so many strong fe­male char­ac­ters?

That’s what drew me to it. These four very strong, po­tent, fab­u­lous women char­ac­ters. We’re not talk­ing about men and chil­dren, but world af­fairs. It’s pow­er­ful.

How was Pot­ter as a di­rec­tor?

Sally sees ev­ery­thing. She doesn’t miss a mo­ment, she doesn’t miss a ges­ture. I re­mem­ber I walked to the door in a scene. She said, “You know I’m watch­ing you walk to that door – walk again. Go.” She knew ex­actly what she wanted. It was re­fresh­ing.

Have you ever shot a whole movie in two weeks be­fore?

Well, Woody Allen is a bit like that – though you have a bit more time. But I’ve never shot a film in two weeks. I’ve shot a film in three, but not two. Two was… woo! Of­ten ac­tors, we sit around and tell sto­ries, but here we were work­ing ev­ery day. It was also nice to come to work ev­ery sin­gle day on a film. We never re­ally had days off.

Have you ever dated any­one quite like Bruno Ganz’s new-age char­ac­ter?

No, I’ve never dated any­one quite like Bruno’s char­ac­ter, Got­tfried! But the night is young! JM

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