lost in time

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A whole lot went down dur­ing Rick Deckard’s 30 years in the wilder­ness…


A blade runner named Deckard flees Los An­ge­les along with a pro­to­type repli­cant named Rachael.


The Tyrell Cor­po­ra­tion rushes a new line of Nexus 8s into the mar­ket­place in an at­tempt to keep the com­pany vi­able. These Nexus 8 repli­cants have ex­tended life­spans.


An EMP det­o­nates some­where on the west coast of the US, caus­ing a mas­sive black­out, a dis­as­ter with global im­pli­ca­tions.


Repli­cant pro­hi­bi­tion takes ef­fect. Those that can go into hid­ing.


At the age of 24, Ne­an­der Wal­lace (Jared Leto) de­vel­ops ge­net­i­cally mod­i­fied food tech­nol­ogy that helps solve the world’s food short­age post-black­out.


Wal­lace helps pass leg­is­la­tion re­peal­ing repli­cant pro­hi­bi­tion.


Thirty years af­ter Deckard and Rachael’s es­cape, Los An­ge­les has changed dra­mat­i­cally. Hu­mans who lack the means to leave for off-world colonies are left be­hind. Life on Earth has reached its lim­its. So­ci­ety is di­vided be­tween two classes: repli­cants and hu­mans.

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