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Di­rec­tors Anna Bo­den and Ryan Fleck star­ring Brie Lar­son, Sa­muel L. Jack­son eta 8 March 2019

Mar­vel’s first solo out­ing for a fe­male hero turns to the char­ac­ter that Kevin Feige la­bels the most pow­er­ful su­per­hero of them all: Cap­tain Mar-vel of the Kree Im­pe­rial Mili­tia, as cre­ated by Stan Lee and Gene Colan in Mar­vel Su­per-Heroes #12 (De­cem­ber 1967). Played by Os­car-win­ner Brie Lar­son, the new Cap on the block will be de­fend­ing Earth against shapeshift­ing aliens The Skrulls, and the ac­tion will be set in the ’90s. Yep, that makes Cap­tain Mar­vel a pre­quel to most of the ex­ist­ing MCU, and means Sam Jack­son’s Nick Fury will be an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. with two func­tion­ing eyes. As well as HUGE ac­tion, Lar­son prom­ises tex­tured char­ac­ters, shout­ing out dy­namic di­rec­to­rial duo Anna Bo­den and Ryan Fleck (Half Nel­son, Mis­sis­sippi Grind): “They’re in­cred­i­bly smart and su­per-sen­si­tive. They have this great track record of bring­ing in­cred­i­ble per­for­mances. And that’s re­ally im­por­tant.” JG

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