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aka Bill, the leader of The Losers, ex­plain­ing that the teen cast were kept away from Skars­gård un­til they shared a scene. “We had to run into a room when he had Ed­die’s arm. Those were all real re­ac­tions.” He smirks sheep­ishly. “Though they did ac­tu­ally re­lease the photo of him be­fore we were al­lowed to see him…”

“I guess it was kinda scary to see a six-foot clown,” adds Lil­lis, whose Bev is the only fe­male in the group. She, too, al­lows her­self a grin, and wryly con­cedes that the fear dis­si­pated as the shoot wore on. “One mo­ment Bill’s talk­ing to me, ask­ing how school is, and the next he’s stran­gling me. It was kinda mixed feel­ings…”

Wolfhard, who plays group joker Richie, gives an­other per­spec­tive. Maybe it’s be­cause he’s an old hand at bat­tling

Bev­erly, but Muschi­etti con­cludes pro­ceed­ings with a thrilling rev­e­la­tion. “I want to make the sec­ond part with these adults but I’ll have a di­a­logue be­tween the two time­lines,” he ex­plains. “The sec­ond story will have jumps to 1989. It’s great from a nar­ra­tive point of view, be­cause it’s about a bunch of adults slowly re­cov­er­ing their mem­ory of what hap­pened in the past. Well, we’re go­ing to fill the spa­ces – things are go­ing to hap­pen that’ll be con­nec­tive tis­sue be­tween things you see in the first movie and the sec­ond movie.”

And It, nat­u­rally, will be re­turn­ing too, what­ever the out­come of this first movie. Did you for­get? It is the in­fi­nite, and you don’t fuck around with that.

It opens on 8 septem­ber.

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