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FAN­TAS­TIC BEASTS: THE CRIMES OF GRINDEL­WALD I J.K. Rowl­ing’s beastly se­quel goes back to school…

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The lat­est on The Crimes Of Grindel­wald.

Though an ad­mirable ex­pan­sion of J.K. Rowl­ing’s Wizard­ing World, there was some­thing miss­ing from Fan­tas­tic Beasts And Where To Find Them, and we’re not talk­ing about MVP Neville Long­bot­tom. “Just so you know, this is a touchy sub­ject,” says Ezra Miller, cur­rently speak­ing to Teasers dressed as Toad­ette (it is Comic-Con, af­ter all). “Not all of us got to go to Hog­warts. There are other peo­ple who I’m try­ing not to hate.”

Those who did take the trip via Plat­form 9 3/4 in­clude an old favourite with a new face: Al­bus Dum­ble­dore, with Jude Law step­ping into the robes of the fu­ture head of Hog­warts. “It’s ex­tra­or­di­nary when you have a re­la­tion­ship with a place, and then you find your­self in it. It has a per­sonal re­la­tion­ship with you,” Law smiles.

Hog­warts will fea­ture in Fan­tas­tic Beasts se­quel The Crimes Of Grindel­wald for good rea­son – it’s where we’re in­tro­duced to the men­tor/mentee re­la­tion­ship be­tween Dum­ble­dore and Newt Sca­man­der (Ed­die Red­mayne), one which is rekin­dled when Dum­bles calls on Newt to track down dan­ger­ous dark wiz­ard Grindel­wald (Johnny Depp).

“Dum­ble­dore… he’s a sly one,” Red­mayne pon­ders. “He’s al­ways gen­tly ma­nip­u­lat­ing you. Newt’s con­scious of it, but you can’t help but love him.” Law also saw sim­i­lar­i­ties be­tween his fu­ture re­la­tion­ship with The Boy Who Lived. “Dum­ble­dore trusts peo­ple who al­ways make the right choice,” ex­plains Law who, at 45, makes for a pos­i­tively sprightly grand sor­cerer. “There’s a part of him also that thinks he has a mon­ster in­side of him. Newt is some­one who can have af­fec­tion for mon­sters. That’s a theme that runs through the whole film – peo­ple fac­ing the mon­ster in­side.”

Also along for the ride is Newt’s big brother Th­e­seus, played by Green Room’s Cal­lum Turner – the sib­lings glimpsed here, wands at the ready, in our ex­clu­sive pic­ture. “To ex­plore the re­la­tion­ship with Newt was ex­cit­ing for me – some­one who’s su­per-suc­cess­ful and gen­er­ous.” But it turns out, even be­ing a Sca­man­der doesn’t net you Hog­warts priv­i­leges. “Cal­lum and I weren’t in­vited to Hog­warts,” sobs Red­mayne. “So we stole in our­selves and took il­le­gal self­ies.”

But what of Newt’s fan­tas­tic beasts? “The Nif­fler is back,” says Red­mayne of the scene- (and jew­ellery) steal­ing crea­ture, be­fore teas­ing, “but the Nif­fler may have ba­bies, and there may be a world of that go­ing on.” Which begs the ques­tion, what’s go­ing on in the worlds of re­turn­ing play­ers such as Tina, Ja­cob, Quee­nie, Leta Les­trange and Cre­dence? “We’ve just re­vealed that there might be baby Nif­flers, so I don’t feel like we have to do any more pro­mo­tion for this film,” Miller an­nounces. “It sells it­self. There are baby Nif­flers. Why would you not see the movie? It’s ridicu­lous. That would be silly.” Con­sider us sold.


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