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Re: Jamie Gra­ham’s ‘It Shouldn’t Hap­pen To A Film Jour­nal­ism’, in TF276. I found it very re­fresh­ing to read about the times Jamie met his cin­ema he­roes and they signed his posters. In a world where there’s a high price for a hum­ble sig­na­ture at cons, it was great to read how, just by be­ing him­self and hav­ing a good rap­port he got the stars to sign some­thing close to his heart. I used to col­lect au­to­graphs at cons but be­cause of the ex­pense I only tend to have pro­fes­sional pho­tos with stars (although that’s be­com­ing ex­pen­sive too). Jamie’s ar­ti­cle re­minded of a time around eight years ago when I met Si­mon Pegg and Nick Frost at a con; they signed posters for fans for free

– a great time! CHRIS WILLETTS, LAN­CASHIRE Read­ers – gather your au­to­graph anec­dotes! What’s the high­est price you’ve paid (fi­nan­cially, not morally – though we’ll have that too…)? Which star has the loveli­est hand­writ­ing? And whose looks like it be­longs on a pre­scrip­tion pad? Get scrib­bling

– and please, make it out to ‘Di­a­logue’, with a ‘ue’.

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