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AN EVENING WITH BEV­ERLY LUFF LINN A love story from the Greasy Stran­gler cre­ator?

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I Com­edy may be sub­jec­tive, but An Evening… ob­jec­tively fea­tures the fun­ni­est scene of the year. In it, Aubrey Plaza’s Lulu Dan­ger re­acts to the sight of her ex, Bev­erly Luff Linn (Craig Robin­son), swim­ming in a way that can only be de­scribed as or­gas­mic. “He was meant to swim like a dol­phin,” writer/di­rec­tor Jim Hosk­ing re­gales. “But it proved im­pos­si­ble to find a stunt dou­ble. So Aubrey re­acted as scripted: like she was see­ing this mag­i­cal per­for­mance. In re­al­ity, she’s…” Well, that would be telling.

As you might ex­pect from the de­ranged brain be­hind The Greasy Stran­gler, Bev­erly is a dead cert for be­ing the year’s strangest piece of cin­ema.

Af­ter she’s fired from her hus­band’s cof­fee shop, Lulu spots a poster for ‘An Evening With Bev­erly Luff Linn’. The two ev­i­dently have his­tory, so Lulu checks into the “poor man’s Over­look” to or­ches­trate a ren­dezvous with her ex, who com­mu­ni­cates solely in gut­tural grunts. But Bev­erly’s part­ner Rod­ney Von Donken­steiger (Matt Berry) and Colin (Je­maine Cle­ment) – a stranger with his heart set on Lulu – form a fan­tas­ti­cally awk­ward love quadrangle as Bev­erly’s mys­te­ri­ous act looms.

And if that sounds like a rad­i­cal de­par­ture from grease-soaked se­rial killers and car­toon­ish ul­travi­o­lence, that was the in­ten­tion. “I was get­ting tired of speak­ing about gross-out films, it’s not re­ally my thing,” ad­mits Hosk­ing, who

wrote Bev­erly long be­fore Stran­gler stained his CV. “I wanted to make some­thing sin­cere and emo­tional, but also keep the com­edy I like – an­other world with idio­syn­cratic char­ac­ters.”

De­spite the pres­ence of estab­lished ac­tors, Bev­erly fea­tures plenty of od­dball sup­port­ing play­ers, in­clud­ing some fa­mil­iar faces. “I find a lot of cast­ing too con­ven­tional,” Hosk­ing smiles. “The first scene Je­maine filmed was with Sam [Dis­sanayake, Greasy’s tourist]. It feels like a car crash when you start film­ing, but I like the sense of im­ped­ing bed­lam.”

Up next, Hosk­ing is work­ing on a live ac­tion Adult Swim cop show set on a trop­i­cal is­land, while his next fea­ture will be “like a kids’ film, but quite a weird one”. From Hosk­ing, we’d ex­pect noth­ing less.

BURN­ING DE­SIRE Plaza’s Lulu Dan­ger finds her­self in the midst of a love quadrangle, in Jim Hosk­ing’s new film.

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