War is WTF!!

Five other crazy war films…

Total Film - - Overlord - JG

Apoc­a­lypse Now 1979

Cop­pola’s Viet­nam War movie goes in­creas­ingly loopy as Martin Sheen sails into Cam­bo­dia to as­sas­si­nate a rene­gade colonel. Bald Mar­lon Brando hid­ing his girth in shad­ows and bug-eyed Den­nis Hop­per quot­ing T.S. Eliot, any­one?

The Keep 1983

Set in the Carpathian Moun­tains, Michael Mann’s WW2 odd­ity sees the Nazis in­ad­ver­tently re­lease an an­cient de­mon; only Scott Glenn’s mys­te­ri­ous trav­eller can de­feat the ul­ti­mate evil.

Porco Rosso 1992

Porco is a World War 1 fighter pi­lot who en­gages in in­tri­cate dog­fights around the Adri­atic Sea area. So far, so nor­mal. But did we men­tion he’s been cursed to look like an an­thro­po­mor­phic pig?

Dog Sol­diers 2002

A squad on a train­ing ex­er­cise in the Scot­tish High­lands find them­selves holed up in an iso­lated farm­house and be­sieged by were­wolves. Enough in­testines fly to make you bust a gut laugh­ing.

In­glou­ri­ous Bas­terds 2009

From its mis­spelt ti­tle to its squad of Jewish-Amer­i­can sol­diers scalp­ing Nazis to its pop cul­ture ref­er­ences to its cli­mac­tic as­sas­si­na­tion of Hitler in a cin­ema, Tarantino’s World War 2 movie is its own cu­ri­ous beast.

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