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while You were eek-inG

Mon­day morn­ing’s the last time you ex­pect an at­tack from a gi­ant Meg-shaped sleep­ing bag, but that’s how it – or rather our Jamie – went down. He’s half the man he used to be…

biG meeTs cake hole

It’s a brave PR that sends out cake pops at the height of a heat wave; these de­li­cious Ram­page-shaped treats did re­quire some emer­gency surgery in readi­ness for their close-ups.

mak­inG a peel oF iT

This Guernsey care pack­age had ev­ery­thing… ex­cept for potato peel pie. Odd how the free gin and tonic (and fudge) helped us rapidly come to terms with that shock­ing over­sight.

bond 25: who should di­recT?

“Just put in Tom Hardy or Idris and De­nis Vil­leneuve and start shoot­ing the damn thing!” (Park Mohler) “Of­fer it to Steven.” (Pete Keys) Um… Spiel­berg? Soder­bergh? Sea­gal?

The FriGhTFesT awards

Con­tin­u­ing a proud TF tra­di­tion, our list of the best films, per­for­mances, gore and more from Ar­row FrightFest is on­line right now. Os­cars schmoscars! Golden Globes, um, Sch­molden Sch­mobes!

Tall sTo­ries

Blood, sweat, tears and blood went into this Ghost Sto­ries home-ent pack­age; the scary sweets were great, but Gra­ham Humphreys’ star­tling art­work (lit­er­ally) over­shad­owed all.

hap­pY­Time shouT-ouT

Hap­py­time Mur­ders’ Phil Phillips made our writer Paul Bradshaw’s year with this video on Twit­ter; got to give credit to Phil for his taste in film-fo­cused pe­ri­od­i­cals, too…

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