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Are you sur­prised by Home Alone’s legacy?

Sur­prised? No. The mantra was re­ally: when you’re home at two in the morn­ing, 20 or 30 years from now, I wanted to make sure it felt as fresh as the day it was made. I last saw Home Alone a cou­ple of years ago with the San Fran­cisco Sym­phony orches­tra play­ing live. I hadn’t seen the film with an au­di­ence since 1990. So to ac­tu­ally see that it still worked for an au­di­ence and that they were still laugh­ing just as up­roar­i­ously as they were from the film’s ini­tial re­lease? That’s a fan­tas­tic feel­ing.

Did you have any ideas for se­quels be­yond

Home Alone 2?

There’s some parts of me that pre­fer the hu­mour in Home Alone 2, but we knew we were do­ing ba­si­cally a re­make of the first film. I had a great time mak­ing Home Alone 2, be­cause it was like mak­ing Harry Pot­ter 2. There was not the pres­sure of mak­ing the first film. I felt that af­ter we had fin­ished the sec­ond film that was enough Home Alone. Try­ing to re­boot it... you’ll never cap­ture that magic again.

Do you watch your own films at Christ­mas?

No, no, no, no. I laugh about it with my fam­ily. We can’t es­cape it, from like Thanks­giv­ing to 1 Jan­uary, it seems like a lot of my films are on TV. Christ­mas is a very im­por­tant time in the Colum­bus house­hold. I’m at the tree loft the very first day it opens, pick­ing out the big­gest tree. I dec­o­rate my own tree. And be­cause I don’t want to fall off a lad­der, I have a com­pany putting up a ridicu­lously em­bar­rass­ing amount of lights in front of my house. I’m pretty ob­ses­sive.


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