How to fix a bro­ken strap pin

Learn how to DIY your knack­ered strap pin holes in your gui­tar’s body the proper way us­ing house­hold tools

Total Guitar - - THE GAS STATION - Words: Jack El­lis

Gui­tar strap pins are al­ways com­ing loose. You tighten it up and af­ter prac­tice, it’s loose again. In the worst-case sce­nario the strap pin can come off all to­gether – which could re­sult in you chuck­ing your gui­tar on the floor. This is ex­actly what hap­pened to James King, the bass player in Spring King, on stage. We sorted this out for him just be­fore he headed off to his next tour date, up­grad­ing it in the process.

The stan­dard screws that hold strap pins in aren’t usu­ally much cop and they also get a lot of abuse – es­pe­cially if you’re prone to swing­ing the gui­tar around your neck. When a screw hole is as wrecked as James’ there’s no choice but to put a whop­ping 9.5mm dowel in there. Now, it has to be hard­wood, and that means a wood that’s hard – so no pine! There’s lit­tle point in re­pair­ing this with match­sticks (they’re just soft wood made for burn­ing, af­ter all). We’ve gone for oak but ash, wal­nut, oak or maple are all great choices; you can get them on eBay.

Strap­pin­scomin­glooseare acom­mon­prob­lem­for gui­tarists... and bassists

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