Sey­mour Dun­can Pow­erS­tage 170

Alive and am­pli­fied

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This seems like a sim­ple op­tion...

In­deed. The logic be­hind the Pow­erS­tage is very much ‘do one thing, and do it well’. Essen­tially a power amp in a pedal with a sim­ple preamp and a three-band EQ, it’s built like a tank and looks re­ally cool nes­tled on your board amongst your ped­als.

Does it take ped­als well?

De­signed as a ped­al­board amp so­lu­tion, or a driver to place af­ter a mod­el­ling preamp like the Line 6 Helix, the Pow­erS­tage han­dles var­i­ous dis­tor­tion ped­als thrown at it well. In fact, it even man­aged some sat­u­ra­tion of its own with a boost in front of it and the vol­ume up. The only com­plaint would be that when pushed, the amp felt tonally dark, mean­ing the tre­ble con­trol had to be rolled up.

Can you record with it?

If you want to record with it, you’re go­ing to have to use a load­box with cab sim­u­la­tion like the Two Notes Tor­pedo Live and the sound is not go­ing to stack up to a full-fat tube head. Or, you could stick a mic up in front of your cab, just as you would with a nor­mal tube amp. This is clearly more aimed at gig­ging than stu­dio use and it should be judged ac­cord­ingly. For the gui­tarist look­ing to strip back their live rig to a board and a cab, this could be the sil­ver bul­let.

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