Blues For Greeny (1995)

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3This trib­ute to Peter Green is no­table be­cause Moore used the same 1959 Gib­son Les Paul Stan­dard that Green had owned through­out his time with John May­all and Fleet­wood Mac. The gui­tar is renowned for pos­sess­ing an out-of-phase sound caused by the in­ad­ver­tent re­ver­sal of one of the neck pickup’s coils and, most ob­vi­ous dur­ing the qui­eter num­bers such as Merry-Go-Round and the beau­ti­ful Need Your Love So Bad, it sounds quite un­like any Paul. In the hands of a mas­ter it’s a tone of won­der and the liq­uid sus­tain demon­strated dur­ing The Su­per­nat­u­ral also proves how good it sounds with a smidge more gain. Moore has rarely sung or played bet­ter. Stand­out track: The Su­per­nat­u­ral

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