Ch arvel Pro-Mod San Di­mas Style 2 HH HT

A hot-rod­ded dream ma­chine

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We’ve been hear­ing about this ‘no-load tone’ con­trol... what’s it all about then?

Well, it means that from po­si­tions one through to nine the tone con­trol acts as a nor­mal tone con­trol: roll it back and you can take some of the highs off, bring­ing out a lit­tle woody piano vibe, or what­ever takes your fancy re­ally. Turn the knob all the way up to 10, how­ever, and you take the tone con­trol right out of the game. Do­ing this takes the tone pot’s re­sis­tance out of the sig­nal path and al­lows the gui­tar’s nat­u­ral voice to ring clear. Pretty cool. Suf­fice to say that Yng­wie Malm­steen is a fan.

That head­stock looks fa­mil­iar…

It sure does. It’s a Fender Stra­to­caster head­stock, used un­der li­cense, and it’s typ­i­cal of Charvel’s MO. They started can­ni­bal­is­ing other elec­tric gui­tars in or­der to cus­tom build the ul­ti­mate shred­der’s gui­tar. Al­lied to the T-style body, the head­stock feels true to Charvel’s cus­tom shop vibe.

And what about the pick­ups?

Well, how does a clas­sic combo of a Sey­mour Dun­can JB TB-4 trem­bucker in the bridge and ’59 SH-1N grab you… By the wal­let, surely, as pair­ings don’t come much bet­ter than that.

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