Ho­tone Q-Box

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De­cep­tively sim­ple, the shock­ingly small Ho­tone fil­ter nev­er­the­less comes packed with fea­tures. Sen­si­tiv­ity is con­trolled by the com­bi­na­tion LED in­di­ca­tor and knob on top of the pedal, while range and Q (or the sharp­ness of the au­di­ble fil­ter) are on the front. Via a three-way tog­gle, the modes are a play­ing-sen­si­tive wah with high-pass or low-pass fil­ter; or an auto-wah with low-pass fil­ter that can al­most pass muster as a phaser or uni-vibe style ef­fect. Its smooth fil­ters and diminu­tive size mean that for sub­tle en­ve­lope fil­ter sounds this could be squeezed onto most boards and then used spar­ingly when needed.

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