What The F? Sharp Notes

With some mu­sic-read­ing ba­sics un­der your belt, TG looks at how to deal with sharp and flat notes

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One of the tough­est parts of read­ing mu­sic is deal­ing with sharp notes. Rep­re­sented with a # sym­bol, a sharp sign tells you a note is played a semi­tone higher. For ex­am­ple, F# is a semi­tone higher than F; G# is a semi­tone higher than G. You get the idea. We rec­om­mend tack­ling this tricky task with a three-prong at­tack: first, mem­o­rise the ‘natural’ notes (E, F, G and so on) on the fret­board; sec­ond, iden­tify the sharp notes on the fret­board; fi­nally, take note of where the fret­board notes are po­si­tioned on the mu­si­cal stave. Read on as we show you how.

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