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It’s hard to iden­tify a start­ing point for shred, but per­haps Jimi Hen­drix had the big­gest in­flu­ence on mod­ern play­ers. Two of the world’s great­est shred­ders – Joe Sa­tri­ani and Yng­wie J Malm­steen – cite him as their big­gest gui­tar in­flu­ence, as does a cer­tain Ed­die Van Halen. Sa­tri­ani’s in­flu­ence can’t be stressed enough – he taught Steve Vai, Kirk Ham­mett, Andy Tim­mons, Alex Skol­nick and a slew of other fa­mous play­ers too. Quite the CV! All these play­ers have been ac­tive for over three decades, as have Paul Gil­bert and John Petrucci. Per­haps less well known, but equally vir­tu­osic are Ron Thal, Shawn Lane, Allan Holdsworth, Ja­son Becker, Guthrie Go­van… And we’ve only just started scratch­ing the sur­face!

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