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With the ex­cep­tion of the sus­tained Am7 chord at the end of so­los 1 and 2, a rhythm gui­tarist could cover most of the song us­ing sim­ple three-note pow­er­chords rooted on the sixth string, namely: A5, G5, F5 and E5. The main riff is based on the Am7, G and F6­sus2 chords. There are a cou­ple of vari­a­tions (Fadd9 and Fsus2), but they are close re­la­tions of the F6­sus2 and the fin­ger­ings are al­most iden­ti­cal. The Dm and G7 chords in the break­down and solo 3 are im­plied by a re­peat­ing riff, so they are never ac­tu­ally played.

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