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So­los 1 and 2 fea­ture the A natural mi­nor scale (A B C DE F G). The track is in the key of A mi­nor, so no sur­prises there. Solo 3 is more in­ter­est­ing, har­mon­i­cally speak­ing. Gui­tarist Buck

b3 Ab Dharma plays the F Ly­dian scale (F G B C D E) over the F mi­nor chords and the G Phry­gian

Ab Eb dom­i­nant scale (G B C D F) over the G7 chords.

b3 F Ly­dian is the fourth mode of the C har­monic ma­jor scale. G Phry­gian dom­i­nant is the fifth mode of the C har­monic mi­nor scale. The the­ory is deep but you can still get a lot from prac­tis­ing the scale pat­terns shown here and im­pro­vis­ing over solo 3.

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