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Why the SL4X’S Floyd Rose will rev­o­lu­tionise your play­ing

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The Floyd Rose lock­ing vi­brato unit di­vides opin­ion. ‘Isn’t it a faff?’ cry the naysay­ers. Any­one who plays in a band that fre­quently changes tun­ings might well agree. But we can all con­cur that it opens doors to tech­niques that can re­de­fine your lead play­ing. The SL4X’S dou­ble-lock­ing vi­brato is per­fectly bal­anced and eas­ily ad­justable – seated flush in a re­cess, it’s a com­fort­able seat for your pick­ing hand to palm-mute riffs. With the Floyd Rose lock­ing the string at both nut and bridge, it holds its tun­ing as well as any gui­tar. But most gui­tars won’t let you fret har­mon­ics and di­ve­bomb them un­til the strings go slack be­fore re­turn­ing to pitch, wob­ble or scoop while fret­ting notes, or make your gui­tar talk, or rev like a mo­tor en­gine. Thanks to its vi­brato, the SL4X can.

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