Jack­son X-se­ries Marty Fried­man MF-1 Sig­na­ture

The go-faster op­tion

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Isn’t Marty Fried­man’s sig­na­ture Jack­son a lot pointier?

You’re think­ing of the Jack­son Kelly Marty Fried­man sig­na­ture model, as pop­u­larised by the shred ge­nius when he was play­ing in Me­gadeth in the Rustin­peace era. That was a weaponised Ex­plor­eresque model with the tra­di­tional Jack­son head­stock. This spear­head head­stock is sim­i­larly lethal and the white bevels are a bold touch, but this is a more re­served shred ma­chine.

What’s so spe­cial about it?

We love the un­der­stated de­sign – it’s a neat twist on Jack­son’s Monarkh range – but what’s re­ally great about this X-se­ries is that it takes Jack­son’s supreme playa­bil­ity and al­lies it to a hugely ver­sa­tile tone, sub­tle when re­quired but ca­pa­ble of har­mon­i­cally rich rock and metal tones. Those new EMG sig­na­ture pick­ups are great, too.

Tell us more…

Well, they’re a pas­sive set of hum­buck­ing pick­ups, cus­tom-wound with an Al­nico-5 mag­net, and they are, as Marty him­self says, “his sound”. They’re hot, dy­namic, and have plenty of clar­ity. To have these EMGS at this price point is great value.

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