Earthquaker De­vices Trans­misser


Total Guitar - - THE STATION GAS -

a space odyssey

Based on the ven­er­a­ble Spin FV1 de­lay chip, a favourite of bou­tique builders, the Trans­misser weirds it up by adding two fil­ters on top of a mod­u­la­tion and pitch shift to the core re­verb sound. With a fair bit of tweak­ing, there are some more stan­dard-type dig­i­tal re­verb sounds on offer here, but in gen­eral, the Trans­misser shines when you try to ex­ploit its strange­ness, and then blend the ideas it helps you cre­ate into your play­ing. With the Rate down, and both Freq and Dark­ness pulled back, there are some truly unique alien whale sounds to be en­joyed – and isn’t that what we all need from time to time?

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