With just hand­ful of open­po­si­tion chords and a strong sto­ry­line, Dy­lan penned this pow­er­ful and en­dur­ing tune

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One of Dy­lan’s best-known protest songs, Hur­ri­cane fol­lows a long nar­ra­tive with no re­cur­ring cho­rus lyrics – in fact, the lyrics change in ev­ery ‘cho­rus’, al­low­ing the song’s story to un­fold. As the gui­tarist it’s your job to sup­port the lyrics with care­ful con­trol of your dy­nam­ics, play­ing loudly or softly as ap­pro­pri­ate. The song be­gins with Dy­lan strum­ming four bars of al­ter­nat­ing Am and F chords be­fore the band join in. The eight-bar verses con­tinue the Am and F chord pro­gres­sion from the in­tro with loose eighth-note strum­ming pat­terns. Af­ter each cho­rus comes a four-bar vi­o­lin solo, then the verse/cho­rus/solo form re­peats all the way to the end of the song. Dy­lan’s play­ing is quite loose and fluid, vary­ing the strummed rhythms here and there. Make sure you fol­low the dy­nam­ics of the tune, though, hold­ing back in the verses to sup­port the vo­cal lines and then open­ing up in the cho­ruses and vi­o­lin so­los.

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