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As his solo band gets am­bi­tious with a new con­cept al­bum, Mark Tre­monti talks the songs that have shaped his life

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The first song I re­mem­ber notic­ing… Smokeon­the Wa­ter – Deep Pur­ple

“That was prob­a­bly one of the first songs I loved. That and Iron­man, Go­gogodzilla [Brian Set­zer]. I al­ways liked the cool, dark riffy tunes. And from then, any­time a song broke down to just a gui­tar and noth­ing else, I was sucked in.”

A song I’ve just cov­ered… San­i­tar­ium – Me­tal­lica

“I just did this press run up in New York where we had to do a cover song for satel­lite ra­dio and I cov­ered this. We did it on acous­tic gui­tars and the rea­son I re­ally love that song is that it’s the one that turned me into a mu­sic fa­natic. My brother Dan and my brother Mike lived up­stairs from me. Mike lis­tened to Van Halen and Ted Nu­gent, more com­mer­cial pop­u­lar rock, and Dan lis­tened to the heav­i­est, nas­ti­est stuff he could find. So I’d hear Venom, Slayer and Me­tal­lica up there. One song that al­ways stuck out was a song about a san­i­tar­ium I heard him play­ing and one night I couldn’t get to sleep so I asked him if I could bor­row that record with the song on. He gave me Mas­terof­pup­pets and that night was prob­a­bly the first time I can re­mem­ber get­ting the chills in ev­ery mo­ment of a record. From then on it was, give me ev­ery sin­gle Me­tal­lica record! Af­ter I’d dove as hard as I could into the Me­tal­lica stuff it was Slayer and Celtic Frost. But Me­tal­lica was the step­ping stone for me.”

The riff I wish I’d writ­ten… Dazed and con­fused – Led Zep­pelin

“I just heard that the other day and it’s just such a moody, men­ac­ing sound. I wish I had writ­ten it. It’s amaz­ing. It doesn’t have to be com­pli­cated. It just in­stantly soaks you into that mood.”

The most chal­leng­ing song of mine to play live… Iknowith­urts – Al­ter Bridge

“That’s a tough, tough song to play for me. The verse has a pick­ing thing that’s like play­ing twister on your fin­gers. When I hear a gui­tar line some­times I don’t care if it’s un­con­ven­tional to play. Some­times, I’ve just got to hear the notes in my head. But my wrist is the only thing that hurts when I play too much gui­tar and if my wrist is hurt­ing and I play that song, it’s a tough one.”

The song I like to play when I’m try­ing out new gear… My­last­mis­take – Tre­monti

“I like play­ing that riff for the heavy stuff to make sure an amp is tight on the low-end and per­cus­sive. Then if I’m try­ing out the clean tones on an amp I’ll play Black­bird.”

A gui­tar solo I ad­mire… Mid­night in harlem – Tedeschi Trucks Band

“It’s one of my favourite mod­ern so­los, and it’s def­i­nitely one of the most emo­tional. I learned that solo and I played it a few times with­out a slide and it’s cool to learn Derek’s stuff and learn how to phrase hor­i­zon­tally across the neck. I think that’s how he’s so emo­tional, be­cause a lot of times when you’re play­ing up and down a scale some­times it’s hard to phrase as nat­u­rally as when you’re just mov­ing left and right. Left is lower and right is higher and you can phrase more nat­u­rally.”

A song from my back cat­a­logue I miss play­ing live… Time – Creed

“Back in the Creed days I think that Sayi was a real fun song to play. And Time had one of my favourite gui­tar parts in all the Creed stuff. That could my favourite Creed song.”

A song that re­minds me of a place and time… Shed­myskin – Al­ter Bridge

“When I first moved to Florida, that whole song was writ­ten from the per­spec­tive of me sit­ting there feel­ing kind of de­pressed out of my mind be­cause I didn’t have any friends for the first time in my life, and I didn’t have broth­ers be­cause they had stayed in Michi­gan when I moved. That was prob­a­bly one of the most de­press­ing times ever for me and that song is about that era. It re­minds me of sit­ting in my bed­room in Or­lando, when I hated liv­ing there at the time.”

A song I’m cur­rently en­joy­ing… Where the wolves come to die–Sy­los is

“To­day I was lis­ten­ing to Spread­ing the dis­ease by An­thrax but the last band I heard that I hadn’t heard be­fore but re­ally dig is Sy­lo­sis. That’s a re­ally cool band and I still want to learn more about them. This is the track that hooked me – it’s a great tune. I’m go­ing to keep an eye out for them.”

Tre­monti’s Ady­ing­ma­chine is out now on Na­palm Records.

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