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If it’s good enough for the Stones, it’s good enough for us...

Nashville tuning du­pli­cates the higher set of strings on a 12-string. It’s great for breath­ing new life into even the most sim­ple parts and is lots of fun to play along­side some­one in stan­dard tuning. The Rolling Stones’ Wild­horses is a great ex­am­ple. Here’s how it works:

1. Re­move your gui­tar’s sixth, fifth, fourth and third strings (E, A, D and G re­spec­tively).

2. Re­place them with the ‘oc­tave up’ E, A, D and G strings from a 12-string gui­tar set.

3. Tune them to E, A, D and G, you guessed it, an oc­tave higher than nor­mal.

4. Be care­ful of the third string. This will be pretty tight, so tune up to pitch slowly. It can help to tune your gui­tar to E A D G B E in­stead of EADGBE.

5. Strum and en­joy!

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