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One of the great­est, but also most per­plex­ing, things about gui­tar play­ing is that it can be as sim­ple or as com­pli­cated as you want it to be. And, as a re­sult, your re­la­tion­ship with the gui­tar will in­evitably ebb and flow over time. There are many paths and av­enues you can take with your play­ing ap­proach and sound. Want to learn your favourite solo note for note? Go for it. Try­ing to de­velop your own ver­sa­tile style by study­ing parts of dif­fer­ent gen­res? Knock your­self out. But there’s one uni­ver­sal gui­tar truth that should al­ways be your guide in ev­ery­thing you play: rhythm.

The main­stream idea of a great gui­tar player can of­ten be dom­i­nated by the ex­pec­ta­tion to hear head-turn­ing lead py­rotech­nics, but we all know there’s much more go­ing on than that. Ed­die Van Halen, Jimi, SRV – all great rhythm play­ers first and fore­most. And it was their use of rhyth­mic dy­nam­ics, orig­i­nal ideas and their re­la­tion­ship with other in­stru­ments in their bands that en­hanced the unique char­ac­ter of their play­ing. And you can in­ject so much per­son­al­ity and nu­ance into your own rhythm work be­cause there are so many facets to it. That’s why we’ve taken a toolkit ap­proach in our fea­ture; study­ing the sig­na­ture rhythm tech­niques of great play­ers so you can cre­ate your own pal­ette of rhythm tricks that will make you a bet­ter gui­tar player.

And talk­ing about play­ers with big per­son­al­i­ties, this is­sue is also proud to host Billy F Gib­bons talk­ing blues with his es­teemed band­mates in our round ta­ble fea­ture, and Billy Cor­gan re­turn­ing with a re­united and reen­er­gised Pump­kins. I hope you en­joy it all.

Roblaing Editor

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