Burn (1974)

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Now fronted by David Coverdale, Deep Pur­ple were min­ing some se­ri­ous blues-based rock on Burn, and Black­more some se­ri­ous vol­ume. Around this time he was chas­ing his beloved Vox tone via Mar­shall, the lat­ter build­ing him a 280-watt amp. You could surely grill steaks on the back of it. And if it all sounds a bit ridicu­lous, maybe it was, but it com­ple­mented the ma­te­rial, of which the ti­tle track is a clas­sic Pur­ple opener. Sail Away is pure Pur­ple grooves, Mis­treated made the most of Coverdale’s to­bacco throat, while

You Fool No One is a psy­che­delic riff-o-rama, which was manna from heaven for the long-hairs as­sem­bled at On­tario Speedway for the Cal­i­for­nia Jam in the sum­mer of ’74.

Rec­om­mended track: You Fool No One

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