Sweet 16ths…

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Play in time now!

This month’s riffs use ‘16th notes’. They get their name be­cause you can have up to 16 of them in a row in a bar of mu­sic in 4/4 time. If you can syn­chro­nise your pick strokes with the 16th notes, you’ll nail the tim­ing.

Four 16ths

In sheet mu­sic, four 16th notes in a row look like this.

On the down­side…

Some­times they’ll be the other way up but they’re still 16th notes.

Sync­ing feel­ing

16th notes are pretty quick, so play down up down up to stay in time.

Keep it up!

Keep your down-up move­ment go­ing, even when some of the notes aren’t played.

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