2 typ­i­cal locrian chords

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b5 The Locrian mode has a m7 root chord. How so? Well, start on B and hop

Bm7b5 over ev­ery other in­ter­val in the mode and you get the notes of (B D F A) – it’s the same process with any mode’s root chord, in fact. Few songs

m7b5 have root chords (it just sounds so flip­pin’ weird!), but oc­ca­sion­ally

m7b5 you’ll see a fol­lowed by a ma­jor chord a semi­tone higher – in­di­cat­ing that you may be in Locrian ter­ri­tory. Try jam­ming with these two chords to get your ear in and try the sim­pler B5dim chord too.

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