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Bowen and Kier­nan on their sig­nal path es­sen­tials

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They are al­ways on and al­ways used: there is no room for lux­u­ries on the Idles ped­al­board. Bowen looks for ef­fects that will re­act to his play­ing. He is cur­rently us­ing an Elec­tro-har­monix POG2, an MXR Mi­cro Amp and Smart Gate, but it’s Death By Au­dio’s over­drive Aca­pulco Loco, the Echo Dream 2, Re­ver­ber­a­tion Ma­chine, and Wave­former De­stroyer that are the most es­sen­tial items in juic­ing up his tone. “The best thing I find about these ped­als is that they re­spond to what you are do­ing on the gui­tar, so if you dig in a bit more the feed­back is a lit­tle bit longer,” he says. “The mod­u­la­tion gets a bit wilder, the fuzz gets a bit wilder, and I just love that they do that.” Like­wise, Kier­nan uses Death By Au­dio’s Evil Fil­ter, with Earthquaker De­vices’ Or­ga­nizer of­fer­ing over­drive, de­lay and boost, and the Data Cor­rup­tor for some “bat-shit crazy” de­lay. A JHS Colour Box preamp/eq, which em­u­lates a vin­tage Neve con­sole, is his se­cret weapon. “The EQ is fuck­ing enor­mous,” he says. “You turn it slightly and it’s mak­ing a dif­fer­ence. With most ped­als you have to turn the bass all the way up for it to kick in.”

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