How the trio are ap­proach­ing the tonal quan­daries pre­sented by a three-gui­tar Pump­kins

Total Guitar - - SMASHING PUMPKINS -

Billy: “It’s a song-by-song is­sue. We did an old song yesterday, and I used my Rev­erend [BC-1 sig­na­ture] gui­tar, which has a lit­tle bit of a hum­bucker sound, and James was play­ing a Les Paul. But it didn’t sound right to me be­cause the sound of that song is very much the Strat with the Les Paul rhythm. I told my guy, ‘You gotta dig out one of those Strats.’”

James: “I think I’ll stick to the Les Pauls. For the most part, with the Pump­kins, and even in A Per­fect Cir­cle, I just have to play a Les Paul. They just have that heav­i­ness I like.”

Jeff: “I’ve been think­ing about my amps a lot. I found an amp by a maker here in Chicago named Brian Carstens; he’s the re­pair guy at the Chicago Mu­sic Ex­change. He has this model called the Warm Ma­chine, and it’s a 50-watt 60s-type of amp. It’s very clear, with lots of sus­tain and en­ergy. I used it for the record­ings, and it sat on top of the other gui­tars re­ally well.”

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