Ex­tended chords

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Tech­ni­cally, ex­tended chords in­clude 9th, 11th and 13th in­ter­vals, but it’s eas­ier to think of 6ths and 7ths in the same way too. All these chords add notes to ba­sic ma­jor or mi­nor chords (C, Dm and so on), ‘ex­tend­ing’ them with more colour­ful sounds (such as Cmaj7, Dm9). Jeff Buck­ley’s 1994 al­bum Grace fea­tured dozens of ex­tended chords. Also lis­ten to Amy Wine­house’s Oc­to­ber­song. The maj7#11 chord is loved by shred gu­rus Joe Sa­tri­ani and Steve Vai. G13 sounds great in soul, jazz and blues.

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