Kill er Queen

Sheer mic place­ment

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Pl ayer Br ian May

Al bum Sheer Heart At­tack (1974)

We could have so many great in­di­vid­ual Brian May tones but his solo tone here is so in­stantly Bri we keep com­ing back to it. But with a heav­ily mod­i­fied Red Spe­cial and equally hot-rod­ded AC30, can we all get it? A Voxy combo is cer­tainly a good place to start but you’ll need

to up your gain and mid with a sin­gle coil. Some of the char­ac­ter here is also pro­vided by the room mic that was in the stu­dio – so is there a pedal for that? Yes, it’s your de­lay. But keep it short with no feed­back to sim­u­late that sound hit­ting the mic with each mil­lisec­ond sim­u­lat­ing around a foot be­tween cab and mic.

king of toneKillerqueen’s solo is one of Brian May’s favourites

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