MXR EVH 5150 Cho­rus

Total Guitar - - ROUND-UP -

The stream­lined MXR cho­rus is a bril­liantly in­tu­itive lit­tle box, and when run in stereo sounds fan­tas­tic. There’s not a huge amount to the con­trols, with the in­ten­sity pot deal­ing with the cho­rus rate, and the vol­ume and tone al­low­ing for tweak­ing of the gui­tar sig­nal. For vin­tage-style tones, pull the tone con­trol back, and vice versa for mod­ern. The only com­plex­ity of the pedal is that there’s a switch­able range of in­put and out­put lev­els, which leaves you reach­ing for the man­ual. As a vin­tage-style ana­logue ef­fect it’s noisy, to the ex­tent that with­out a noise gate, we’d be con­cerned record­ing with it.

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