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Pl ayer Jonny Green­wood Al bum The Bends (1994)

Jonny Green­wood’s pitch-shifted re­frain in this Bends- era track re­mains a stand­out in Ra­dio­head’s cor­nu­copia of in­ge­nious ef­fects mo­ments. To achieve the ro­botic open­ing salvo, Green­wood played his arpeg­giated lick through an orig­i­nal Dig­itech Whammy pedal, set to one-oc­tave-up plus dry sig­nal. The orig­i­nal Whammy was mono­phonic, so it couldn’t track the ring­ing notes from the al­tered EGDGBE tun­ing, lend­ing the track its glitchy, lo-fi ap­peal. Jonny em­ployed an Hs-con­fig­ured Fen­der Tele­caster Plus and Fen­der Twin for the record­ing, be­fore switch­ing to a Mar­shall Shred­mas­ter run­ning through a Fen­der Eight-five combo for the dis­torted cho­rus and solo.

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