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1 Foul traits keep go­ing above the usual 4 Turn round be­fore the last thorn 7 De­vised a plan af­ter study to be forced into ser­vice 9 Black paint shows de­serter re­turn­ing 10 Mas­ter has ways to hold sails up 12 Punc­tu­a­tion mark must first go in un­nat­u­ral sleep 13 Again em­ploy about States with key 15 All you could do fin­ishes as a ta­ble game 17 First cut lots of pa­per in light tint of yel­low 19 Came first in one for a lis­tener 21 Turn it on pride at sign of tremu­lous alarm 22 At­trac­tive girls and in guys musical? 23 See as change abates slightly


1 Once let dump be moved and it won’t be fin­ished 2 Not to re­turn good sin­gle im­ple­ments 3 Make a charge for ac­count util­i­sa­tion 4 De­vice for roast­ing a type of spam in cap­i­tals 5 One torn out from start­ing pas­sage in text 6 Men end tears about words ex­press­ing love 8 One tak­ing steps with care about page in the lead 11 A mul­ti­tude to march in rank 14 Carps about one last scratch 16 Live in a deep spring 18 Sends off in time mov­ing sec­ond 20 Reel back with lit­tle bites



1 Supremely 4 Back­bone 7 Forced into ser­vice 9 Pitch 10 Ships’ poles 12 Un­con­scious state 13 Em­ploy again 15 Board game 17 Milk part 19 Suc­ceeded 21 Worry 22 Toys 23 Re­laxes


1 Not fin­ished 2 Hold­ing im­ple­ments 3 Charge 4 Ex­pec­to­rate 5 First writ­ten part 6 Lov­ing terms 8 Trot­ter 11 Group of sol­diers 14 Scratch 16 Re­side 18 Sends out 20 Bites

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