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1 Blend, and mix with mer­cury 6 As­sert, say 7 Indis­tinct Balaklava guests 8 Rule with an iron hand and tram­ple un­der­foot 11 A bird of enor­mous size from a mi­crochip 12 Few hope to be the Doc­tor 13 Walks up and down prom­e­nades 15 Tu­nas for mum’s sis­ters 16 In bed, a beast of bur­den prac­tised pugilism 18 Op­u­lence from the life of Ri­ley


1 The knack of paint­ing 2 Amend later on 3 One who rec­om­mends an in­former 4 In­censed grenade com­po­nents 5 Eleven re­cedes when trained 6 Twist the sphere for a crack­pot 9 Sort of ring be­fore nine for a myth­i­cal bird 10 It un­cov­ers the former puz­zling ques­tion 14 Em­bel­lish a front door and run out­side 17 You sound like a lamb pro­ducer

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